Career Guide

An exciting new tool has been developed by the Council on Children & Families to assist students in planning their professional development and guiding them through their career choices. Visit this fantastic site!

This website includes:

  • Early Childhood Career Development Resource Guide (a web-based tool for people in or interested in a career in early childhood and school-age programs)
  • Core Body of Knowledge
  • Comparison of Early Childhood Standards
  • The Children’s Program Administrator Credential Guidelines & Information
  • The Infant Toddler Child Care Credential Guidelines & Information

Career Development Resource Guide – An interactive tool that provides information on early childhood programs, positions, and education and training programs. The guide is designed to provide people interested in a career in early childhood with the information they need to plan a career in early childhood and to guide them through a process of developing and implementing a career development plan.

The guide allows the user to skip easily from section to section, go to other websites for additional information on a particular topic, download forms, and manipulate the databases to obtain specific information. Included as part of this resource are two databases. One database includes information on colleges that offer coursework, degrees, and certificate/credential programs in early childhood. That database contains approximately 300 records and should be developed to allow queries on a variety of variables including type of degree, majors, certificate/credential programs and county of location. The second database has information on training programs and should be developed to enable access to the various entries form a table of contents. The Resource Guide is expected to be used exclusively online.

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