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Welcome to our Covid-19 Resource Center. We hope to keep you informed with up-to-date information in addition to providing content and resources relevant to your various needs.

ABC News
“Child care is in a crisis moment right now,” said Myra Jones-Taylor, chief policy officer at Zero to Three, a nonprofit organization that focuses on the developmental needs of babies and toddlers.

NAEYC recently released new guidance regarding the Paycheck Protection Program:

While we know the Paycheck Protection Program is not a substitute for the substantial, targeted, direct investment needed for child care to survive (see NAEYC’s brief on child care and the PPP), we also want to make sure no stone goes unturned. To that end, we hope you are continuing to support child care programs in applying for the Paycheck Protection Program before the June 30 deadline – there is still funding available and there are some newly negotiated terms based on the passage of the Paycheck Protection Flexibility Act (PPPFA), which was signed into law on June 5.

We have updated our original PPP guidance document to reflect the changes made by the PPPFA; check it out for a detailed explanation you can share about what the program is and how child care programs can apply!

The National Center for Pyramid Model Innovations (NCPMI): Emergency Resource Page

NCPMI has a great resource page with amazing resources for professionals and families. State and programs have been submitting more resources and information, so it is updated weekly. Check it out!

They are also active on Facebook!

The Nation is Listening

When we looked at the results of our recent survey, we heard many of you tell us that it feels like no one is paying attention to the struggles child care providers face every day. We wanted to share some of the news from across our state — and across the country — that highlights the critical work and the painful realities of operating (or choosing to close) a child care program in the current crisis.
We hope that this will give you some small reassurance that there are people who care, who are listening, and who are doing their best to make things right. Recognition of your hardships may not feel like much to celebrate, but the more we can make our communities aware of the importance of our work, the stronger our advocacy voice becomes.

Take a look at the news round-up that Katie Albitz, our Public Policy and Advocacy Coordinator, compiled.

Health and safety

While the Governor’s recent Executive Order requires all New Yorkers to wear face coverings in public when it is not possible to social distance, it is important to note that it is not safe for children under 2 to wear face coverings. This article talks about some of the reasons why face coverings are unsafe and may be ineffective for very young children.

Check out this great article about cloth face coverings for children.

Mindfulness and Meditation

  1. Teaching our kids (and ourselves) mindfulness to get us through the coronavirus anxiety (Article from the Washington Post)
  2. Mindfulness Toolkit from Zero to Three
  3. Shine: Calm Anxiety & Stress offers a special toolkit for COVID-19 anxiety, with a free app that offers guided relaxation and meditations, daily motivational messages, and an “ask an expert” section
  4. Headspace” is stress, meditation, relaxation, and sleep app, free with NPI provider number
  5. UCLA Mindful: Meditations for Well-Being app includes recorded mindfulness meditations of varying lengths and a weekly podcast
  6. The Society for Health Psychologya division of the American Psychological Association, offers a wide range of recommended wellness tools, including a sleep app and resources to address trauma

Free Online Resources and Activities for At-Home Learning

NAEYC has compiled a great list of resources!
Hunger Solutions New York is working to provide updates that can help schools, community organizations, and families mitigate the impact of COVID-19 (coronavirus) on the food security of low-income people. Please check out their SNAP outreach flyer HERE!
Zero to Three
Caring for infants and toddlers comes with additional challenges at this time. ZERO TO THREE has compiled a list of resources that includes mindfulness, tips for screen time, and more.

Communications and Resources Released from OCFS

The Office of Children and Family Services provides new updates and guidance, so please take a look at their website HERE.

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