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For individuals with expert, specialized adult-learning knowledge and skills who want to provide one-on-one, relationship-based assistance to leaders or teachers.

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Professional Development Specialist

For individuals providing non-credit bearing, in-person group professional development on general early childhood and/or school-age content.

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Content Specialist

For individuals that have attained a level of expertise in a field that is unrelated to Early Care and Learning but is vital to managing a quality early care and learning Program.

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1. An Associate’s degree or higher degree in a related field 

2. Minimally 3 years of work experience in the content area 

3. Minimally 1 year of adult training experience 

4. Professional certification may be required – for example, an accountant who wishes to train business tax law should have a CPA. 

For early childhood and school-age program administrators. Recognizes competence in program management, fiscal management, and leadership.


  1. One year working at assistant director or director level
  2. 18 college-level credits in early childhood education
  3. 18 college-level credits in program administration (covering all six competency areas)
  4. 24 or more additional college-level credits

Note: Only classes passed with a C or higher accepted.

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For family child care providers. Recognizes competence in professional family child care, child development, healthy home learning environments, and business practices.


  1. Be at least 18 years of age
  2. Have two years’ experience as an owner or employee of a NYS Office of Children and Family Services regulated Family or Group Family Day Care in good standing.
  3. 12 college-level credits in early childhood education OR 9 college-level credits in early childhood education and 45 hours of documented community-based training

NOTE: 3 of the 12 credits or the 45 hours of community-based training must have been completed within the past five years

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For infant and toddler providers. Recognizes those practitioners who display a specialized knowledge of infant and toddler development.


  1. 12 credits from a nationally accredited college in early childhood coursework that covers the standards of the New York State Infant Toddler Competencies
  2. One year caring for infants and/or toddlers in NYS licensed center, family child care home or formal program serving infants and/or toddlers
    Two semesters of supervised fieldwork course with infants and toddlers and six months work experience in the above
    Floater or substitute with 480 hours of documented experience

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