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Welcome to our Covid-19 Resource Center. We hope to keep you informed with up-to-date information in addition to providing content and resources relevant to your various needs.

Access to recorded webinar hosted by NAEYC, Child Care Aware, and others, “Vaccines & the ECE Field”

  • During the webinar, child care providers, pediatricians, and the CDC discussed how the vaccines were developed and tested, and answered common questions about the vaccines, including how to access them and what you can expect when you get a vaccine. 
Image from CDC website

Guidance for Operating Child Care Programs during COVID-19

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has recently released new guidance surrounding Covid-19 vaccines for teachers, school staff, and childcare workers. The article linked below states who can get vaccinated at this time, how you can schedule an appointment, and also provides a comprehensive toolkit for school settings and childcare programs. These materials will help promote the vaccination and hopefully answer any questions or concerns.

COVID-19 Vaccines for Teachers, School Staff, and Childcare Workers

Summary of Recent Changes: Changes to the guidance as of March 12, 2021:

  • Expanded guidance background for what is known about COVID-19 and transmission in child care settings
  • Updated guidance for mask use for child care
  • Updated guidance on ventilation and water systems
  • Updated guidance for children with special needs and disabilities
  • Updated guidance on cohorting and staggering strategies
  • Updated guidance for communal spaces, food service, playgrounds and play space.
  • Updated guidance on recognizing signs and symptoms of COVID-19 and screening
  • Updated guidance on protecting people at higher risk
  • Updated guidance for Direct Service Providers (DSPs)

Social Media Kit from CDC

The social kit linked below includes samples text for social media messages and downloadable graphics in both English and Spanish.

Mindfulness and Meditation

  1. Teaching our kids (and ourselves) mindfulness to get us through the coronavirus anxiety (Article from the Washington Post)
  2. Mindfulness Toolkit from Zero to Three
  3. Shine: Calm Anxiety & Stress offers a special toolkit for COVID-19 anxiety, with a free app that offers guided relaxation and meditations, daily motivational messages, and an “ask an expert” section
  4. Headspace” is stress, meditation, relaxation, and sleep app, free with NPI provider number
  5. UCLA Mindful: Meditations for Well-Being app includes recorded mindfulness meditations of varying lengths and a weekly podcast
  6. The Society for Health Psychologya division of the American Psychological Association, offers a wide range of recommended wellness tools, including a sleep app and resources to address trauma

Free Online Resources and Activities for At-Home Learning

NAEYC has compiled a great list of resources!
Hunger Solutions New York is working to provide updates that can help schools, community organizations, and families mitigate the impact of COVID-19 (coronavirus) on the food security of low-income people. Please check out their SNAP outreach flyer HERE!
Zero to Three
Caring for infants and toddlers comes with additional challenges at this time. ZERO TO THREE has compiled a list of resources that includes mindfulness, tips for screen time, and more.

Communications and Resources Released from OCFS

The Office of Children and Family Services provides new updates and guidance, so please take a look at their website HERE.

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